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Actor/producer/writer Seth Green joins forces with NASA

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You might need to give NASA some kudos for the comfortable high-tech seats in your ride. NASA has made great strides in long distance travel in space as well as here on Earth. NASA’s Technology Transfer Program is responsible for finding the widest possible applications for the agency’s research.

“NASA technologies improve our everyday lives, including providing us with safer, cleaner modes of transportation, supporting millions of passengers and packages traveling by air and ground everyday with efficiencies, comfort and safety,” said Daniel Lockney, NASA’s Technology Transfer Program executive, in a news release. “The program works to bring the cutting-edge technologies developed for NASA missions down to Earth.”

In a new NASA video, actor/ producer/ writer, Seth Green, talks about how there are  probably more NASA spinoff  products in your everyday life than you might think.

More examples of NASA spinoff technologies here.


Green has appeared in movies like “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (1999) and “The Italian Job” (2003), along with numerous TV series. He’s best known for his creative work on the award-winning animated series “Robot Chicken” and for providing the voice for “Chris Griffin” on the popular animated TV series “Family Guy.”



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