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Bomb threat hoax targets Burbank businesses

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bomb threat graphic

Watch out! Scammers are targeting Burbank businesses with a bomb threat hoax. Over the past two weeks, Burbank Police say several local businesses have received the threat “via fax or email.”  In an advisory, Burbank PD explained the scam this way:

“The threats have involved the request for a ransom to be paid via Western Union, usually in the amount of $25,000. A common theme seems to be that the ransom be sent to a Brazilian citizen. The threats state that explosives placed around the “building” will detonate if the funds are not sent.

It has been determined that these threats, almost all identical in nature, are part of a nationwide scam. The threats are being investigated. At this time, there is no information to believe any of the threats are credible.”

Burbank Police PIO, Sergeant Derek Green, told Media City Groove in an email: “As of now, there has been no monetary loss reported to the Burbank Police by merchants in Burbank as a result of this particular scam.”

Police are warning the public and, especially businesses, against “sending any funds, in any amount, to individuals you do not know.” If you have received a “… threat, or other communication that is suspicious in nature, or a request that money be wired either under the threat of violence or otherwise… you are encouraged to report it to your local law enforcement agency.

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