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Community Views and Letters: Two long time residents speak out

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We have lived in Burbank for many years.  It’s a shame our city council members, minus Dr. David Gordon, are  “JOYRIDING”  their way into city debt.  Borrowing and spending for much we do not need. All at the expense of this community.  Many, who do not VOTE, should, especially in this next election. If we allow the incumbents return to city council:  We will be throwing the last shovel of dirt over Burbank.

The current council majority members play musical chairs voting for themselves as mayor and vice-mayor, while saying:”Everything we do is for the good of Burbank”.  How about listening to our community voice?  Dr. Gordon does.


Charles and Mildred Richards
Eighty seven and eighty- eight years young
September 28, 2012



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