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“Copycat Killers” TV series premieres this Saturday

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Copycat Killers TV series graphic

A new TV series debuting this Saturday takes a look at the dark side of Hollywood films. Frequently motion pictures are inspired by reality, however, in some strange and terrifying cases killers imitate or copy what they’ve seen on the big screen.  “Copycat Killers” is a behind the scenes look at headline grabbing murder cases and the dramatic hunt for the perpetrators.

“Copycat Killers” contains interviews; from law enforcement investigators to family members of victims to experts, in a variety of fields, including Russell Williams, a professor of film and media arts at American University in Washington DC. Williams has taught at UCLA, USC, and Cal. State Northridge as well.

Russell Williams

Also, he has won numerous awards, among them, two Oscars for his sound work on “Glory” (1989)  and “Dances With Wolves” (1990). Williams is the first African-American to win multiple Academy Awards in any category. In an email, Williams says he hopes “Copycat Killers” will educate:” The takeaway is for viewers to be aware of trouble that could be right under their noses. You know, ‘he was such a quiet friendly sort, we had no idea’…”

“Copycat Killers” is slated for 13 episodes. The first episode is Saturday, February 27, on the ReelzChannel at 10 p.m. (for details on the local channels carrying the series go here)

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