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Updated:Election Buzz: Several Burbank candidates pick up important endorsements

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The first week of the new year kicked off with the announcement of some high-profile endorsements for the 2015 Burbank Municipal Elections. Burbank City Council candidate, Chris Rizzotti, has added another well-known politician to his list of endorsements. Rizzotti, a real estate broker and vice-president of the Burbank Planning Board, sent out a press release yesterday touting his endorsements. The newest addition, Burbank City Councilman Jess Talamantes. Council member Emily Gabel-Luddy, who is running for re-election, endorsed Rizzotti several months ago.

Photo courtesy Chris Rizzotti

Photo courtesy Chris Rizzotti

“It’s an honor to receive the endorsement from those that are currently serving our public and doing the hard work for our residents. If elected, I look forward to working side by side with Council Members Talamantes and Gabel-Luddy to collectively serve our residents,” Rizzotti said in the release. There are two city council seats up for election.

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Meanwhile, the Burbank Teachers Association has announced its endorsements for the upcoming city elections. The association selected Dr. Armond Aghakhanian, Steven Ferguson, and incumbent Dr. Roberta Reynolds. “We believe these candidates know the community of Burbank and will act to provide the highest quality of education for our students,” according to a news release sent out by BTA yesterday.

Also, in the release, descriptions of the candidates and the attributes most valued by BTA.

Steve Ferguson is a lifelong Burbank resident who has served over 15 years of community service.  Steve currently sits on the District’s Local Control Accountability Plan Committee and the Guidance Master Plan Committee and is on the board of the Burbank-Burroughs Alumni Association.  Steve has widespread support in the community and is known as one who listens to those who are affected by the issues.  He has been an advocate for students and teachers since he was in Burbank schools and served as the student liaison to the school board.  Steve Ferguson will listen to all stakeholders when making decisions for our schools and will be a strong advocate for a quality education for all students.

Dr. Armond Aghakhanian teaches courses at Woodbury University and is endorsed by State Superintendent of Public Schools Tom Torlakson and five former mayors of Burbank.  Armond is currently serving on the BUSD Bond Oversight Committee and the Burbank Parks, Recreation Community Service Board.   In addition, Armond has a depth of experience working with lawmakers on behalf of students. He has taught management courses to students from Burbank High School’s Finance Academy.  With a son entering Burbank schools in the next few years, Armond has a very personal interest in providing a quality program in Burbank.

Dr. Roberta Reynolds has eight years of experience on the board.  She has been responsive to community concerns over the past two terms and has successfully lead Burbank Schools through some difficult times.  Roberta has always tried to minimize the effects of cuts on our students as much as possible.  Roberta would like to continue her work to creating a collaborative, open and safe environment for all stakeholders in Burbank Schools. She is deeply committed to expanding our programs and providing a high quality Career and Technical Education for our high school students.

The BTA represents teachers, counselors, school nurses, librarians, and speech therapists in the Burbank Unified School District.

The city primary is February 24, 2015 and the general is April 14, 2015.




A sentence in the statement about Dr. Armond Aghakhanian has been changed.  The sentence previously read: ” He has taught in Burbank high schools as part of the Finance Academy.” The BTA sent out a correction late today saying “Mr. Aghakhanian has never been employed in BUSD.” The updated sentence is now inserted into the statement about Aghakhanian.


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One Response to Updated:Election Buzz: Several Burbank candidates pick up important endorsements

  1. Mag Park Reader Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 7:03 pm #

    Talamantes’ endorsement is, yes indeed, a VERY important one. After all, Jess is the visionary genius who wanted to spend $87,000 to pipe muzak into downtown Burbank a couple of years ago.

    In the post-Talaria political landscape (and remember that Luddy, Jess, Bric, Frutos and PB Vice-Chair Rizzotti ALL unquestioningly approved that monstrosity) it’s painfully obvious that these people are reckless, toxic shills for business interests, NOT their long-suffering constituents.

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