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Election News: Final 2015 Burbank General Election results

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Today Burbank City Clerk, Zizette Mullins, announced the final results of last Tuesday’s general election. All ballots have been counted and verified — the  total 11,032. That represents 18.1 percent of  the ballots mailed out to the 60,853 eligible voters in Burbank.  That is about the same number cast in the 2013 Burbank General Election (11, 161).

How many late ballots came in after Tuesday’s 7 p.m. deadline? Mullins told Media City Groove, “approximately 25 ballots” were received after the deadline. As the city clerk has explained numerous times late ballots would not be counted, per the Burbank Elections Code. Clearly, most voters heeded that warning and got their ballots in on time.

During the final days leading up to the election, there was debate and some off-the-wall theories on the Internet about a possible avalanche of late ballots making a difference in the election results — it didn’t happen. The outcome of this election, would not have been changed if the 25 or so late ballots were counted.

The unofficial returns were disclosed on Election Night. Here are the final official results.

 Two seats on the city council

Will Rogers (5,305 votes)
Emily Gabel-Luddy (5,135 votes)
Juan J. Guillen (4,523 votes)
Chris Rizzotti (3,548 votes)

Rogers and Gabel-Luddy each elected to a four-year term, which ends on April 30, 2019.

One seat on the Burbank School Board

Armond Aghakhanian (5,321 votes)
Greg Sousa (4,602 votes)

Aghakhanian is elected to a four-year-term, which ends on April 30, 2019.

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