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Governor Brown signs historic film tax credit bill

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Production shoot at Tony's Bella Vista on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank March 6, 2014

Photo: FLLewis/Media City G — Production shoot at Tony’s Bella Vista on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank March 6, 2014

A lot cheering going on in the state’s entertainment industry today, after Governor Brown signed into law that landmark tax film credit bill. The governor signed Assembly Bill 1839, yesterday in Hollywood surrounded by legislative representatives and dozens of film and television workers, according to a posting on the official website.  The bill will  expand California’s existing $100 million tax credit to $330 million annually. . The Southland entertainment industry has lobbied hard for the measure seeing it as a way to keep jobs in the state and put the brakes on runaway production. California will now be able to better compete with other states, which have been using huge tax incentives to snag TV and movie production projects.

“Today, we remind the world that the Golden State is the home of the silver screen,” said Governor Brown at the signing. “This bill helps thousands of Californians – from stage hands and set designers to electricians and delivery drivers”

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) 43rd District

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) 43rd District

Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who represents Burbank and a number of nearby communities,  was a major force behind the measure. Gatto attended the signing ceremony: “I’ve heard from so many people during my time in office, who have told me about their families being torn apart because of production fleeing the state, and how this program will give stability to families, certainty to small businesses, and help our communities thrive. I am grateful for all the help from those involved in this legislation, particularly my co-author Assemblymember Bocanegra, Governor Brown, Speaker Atkins, Senate pro Tem Kevin de León, and all of the hardworking people who stood up for middle-class jobs.”

“Over the last 20 years, our California has lost much of its film and television production work, and with it the solid technical and creative jobs that our industry provides. The legislation is a catalyst to grow those positions for the thousands of current and future crew members who want to work here and for the myriad small businesses that supply and support our industry every day,”  Warner Bros. Pictures President of Worldwide Physical Production Steve Papazian who was at the bill signing as well.

The new  funding for state’s Film and Television Tax Credit Program would begin next July and run through June 2019.

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