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Jean Youn: November, time change, and a season of mums

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November cli art

Now, it is November. Daylight saving time ended today, because we turned our clocks back an hour to begin Standard Time.  From now on, the night time will seem even longer. Where is your hometown? If you spent your childhood in Australia, you’d remember that November is the beginning of spring there. If your hometown is located not just in Australia, but in a region in the Southern Hemisphere, the same would be true.

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

In Korea where I spent my childhood, November is the time when fall and winter intersects. To put it in simple words, picture a season in which snow is falling on the trees, which still have a few leaves or fruits left on their branches.Perhaps it is November which describes our lives very well. What do you think?

For most of the people in the Far East (China, Japan, and Korea), a chrysanthemum is their favorite flower in November.

The meaning of the mum for them is “a flower which blooms after it goes through tough hardship.”

I wish that every single one of you, will bloom beautifully in various colors like the mums this November.

I’ve heard that Native Americans describe November as “a month in which everything has not disappeared.” (Actually, November is Native American Heritage Month.)

I wish that this November will be a month of abundance for all of us.


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