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Kim Kardashian video game a huge hit

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Kim-K-video-game2    After the weddings, personal drama, reality show, and fashion malfunctions, you might think Kim Kardashian would be, um, overexposed. Not hardly. The new Kim Kardashian video game has proven she’s hotter than ever and getting richer off her unique celebrity.

“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” debuted three weeks ago and has become a huge hit. Forbes is saying the video game has ” climbed as high as #2 on Apple’s  free game charts” and, “has reportedly brought in $200 million in revenue” for its developer Glu Mobile Inc.

The game takes the user inside Hollywood. A virtual K-K is your coach on how to become an A-list player by “dating and dumping celebs,” selecting the right fashions, getting the hook up for the best parties, clubs, and events.  The game is free, but the object is to get the users to make in-app purchases to enhance their play.

The game has received “an impressive five star rating off 100,000+ reviews.”

The wife of rapper Kanye West and the mother of their child North, banked an estimated $28 million last year from various enterprises. K-K could earn $85 million from her video game.  Not bad for a celebrity who became famous not for a talent like acting, dancing or singing, but for creating an image the public finds fascinating.

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