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“Ladies Night Out” in Burbank returns tonight!

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"Ladies Night Out" promotion poster

The popular “Ladies Night Out” in Burbank returns tonight. Three years ago, it began as a way to attract female shoppers. Now, it’s evolves into an event for everyone. Crowds are expected to pack the sidewalks and fill the participating shops along Magnolia Boulevard, from Hollywood Way to Florence Street and Hollywood Way to North Pass Avenue. Some stores not in this area but close by, may be open for business during this time as well.

It happens the last Friday of every month in Magnolia Park, a unique shopping and business destination. The event revolves around the many unique shops and businesses (some offering special deals and discounts). There will be  street artists, live music, and food trucks. In addition, there are usually surprises to entertain customers and showcase the best of Magnolia Park.

“Ladies Night Out” runs from 6 p.m. until at least 9 p.m.

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