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Michelle Obama’s fashion style turns heads

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Michelle Obama, wearing a purple sheath by Chicago designer Maria Pinto, joins her husband on stage in St. Paul, Minnesota during the campaign last June.

The first-lady-in-waiting, Michelle Obama, is not hovering in the wings. The 44-year-old mother of two was out front on the campaign trail and shows no sign of stepping away from the spotlight. Mrs. Obama’s personal fashion style has earned kudos from many and critical reviews from others.

Folks are talking about more than just that controversial black and red dress she wore at the Election night victory rally in Chicago, last Tuesday. The dresses she favors are feminine and modern. The accessories simple, but distinctive. Mrs. Obama’s style includes a mix of up-and-coming American designer ensembles with bargains from places like J. Crew.

Not only are people watching her fashion style, but apparently Mrs. Obama’s outfits are spurring some folks to go shopping, according to a story on the Los Angeles Times website today. Mrs. Obama is not the first lady officially yet, but she’s already having an impact and giving the struggling economy a little push.

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