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Michelle Obama’s victory rally dress controversy

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Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune

I have to admit, I was shocked by Michelle Obama’s flaming red and black dress when I saw photos of the victory rally last night on the Internet. There’s a lot of talk about it today. As much as I appreciate the future First Lady’s style and affinity for dresses, I gave the one she wore at the Chicago celebration two thumbs down! As an aside, I really dug the dangling earrings.

The red and black dress is a creation by Narciso Rodriquez, one of Michelle’s favorite designers. Today the “All The Rage” blog on the Los Angeles Times website has a nice post about the dress controversy. A New York Times blog included a photo of  the original dress seen on the runway recently. Michelle’s fashion style on the campaign trail has been cheered by some and booed by others. It’s part of being in the spotlight. It goes along with being First Lady. 

For the next four years, Michelle Obama will probably give the fashion police and the rest of us plenty to discuss. I hope she continues to wear outfits that reflect her taste, however, I think that red and black victory rally dress should be packed away –never to be worn again.

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One Response to Michelle Obama’s victory rally dress controversy

  1. ROZ Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 1:04 am #

    The dress was absolutely,”HORRENDOUS”. I cannot believe that her handlers, stylist, or whom ever would allow her to wear such a dress! But dress or no dress, I am absolutely thrilled. I know for me personally, this has been the greatest political experience of my life.

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