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More comments from candidates in 2015 Burbank General Election

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Preliminary results of the city council race in the 2015 Burbank General Election April 14, 2015

Both Juan Guillen and Chris Rizzotti missed the cut in the runoff for two seats on the Burbank City Council. Will Rogers and incumbent, Emily-Gabel-Luddy, received the most votes in yesterday’s general election. However, Guillen and Rizzotti are still upbeat about their campaigns and Burbank voters. Here are the statements they sent to Media city Groove this morning.

Third place: Juan Guillen 4, 514 votes 24.4%

“With my head held high I bid farewell to a campaign that enabled me to reach out to thousands of my neighbors, and walk away a better resident and advocate for the concerns of our community. I know how incredible and unique Burbank truly is, and will strive to maintain the strong bond I have built.

I am greatly appreciative of the 4,514 residents who trusted me to lead our community, my mother for standing behind me, countless volunteers and supporter that joined me in my endeavor to ensure Burbank remains the municipal model for the rest of the nation.
A good friend told me last night “The measure of a man isn’t how he gets knocked down to the mat but how he gets up” I promise, I will keep getting up, speaking up for the residents & fighting for our community. ”

Fourth place: Chris Rizzotti  3, 540  19.1%

“It’s been a long journey and happy to have participated in the 2015 Burbank City Council election. I’m hopeful that I brought topics and new ideas to the table that have enlightened our residents. I met and connected with a lot of great people along the way. I’m not disappointed at all; I gave it everything I had and go where God leads me.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on this campaign on my behalf. I thank everyone who endorsed me and believed in me.

Burbank is a great city and I have always been proud to say I’m a resident.”


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