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More interesting testimony in O.J.’s Vegas Trial

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Clark County Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas, site of the Simpson trial.


 The prosecution is expected to wrap up its case today in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery/kidnapping trial in Las Vegas. Yesterday, Alfred Beardsley, one of the memorabilia dealers allegedly robbed during that encounter in a Vegas hotel room last September, called a key piece of evidence in the case, a “…work of art.”

Beardsley was referring to the tape of the encounter that middle man Thomas Riccio sold to several media outlets for thousands of dollars. The tape is at the center of the prosecution’s case. Earlier, an FBI expert testified he could not say for sure if the tape had been altered.

Also taking the stand on Thursday, Simpson’s former sports agent Mike Gilbert. However, Gilbert’s testimony was very limited, because Judge Jackie Glass ruled the jury could not hear what the agent had to say about his feud with O.J. and the connection to the memorabilia taken from that room at the Palace Station Hotel.

The former NFL star and co-defendant, Clarence ” C.J.” Stewart, are charged with a string of crimimal offenses which carry a stiff prison sentence.

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