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Mother’s Day shout-outs to NBA’s Kevin Durant and his mother

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Mother's Day Graphic

On this Mother’s Day, Oklahoma Thunder superstar, Kevin Durant, gets a shout-out for the praise he heaped on his mother this week. While accepting this season’s NBA MVP award last Tuesday, Durant gave an emotional speech thanking his mama for her sacrifices and faith in him. Choking back tears the NBA power forward called Wanda Pratt the “real MVP” for being the single mother who raised him and his brother on a shoestring.

Pratt deserves a couple of shout-outs this Mother’s Day for raising a grateful son. Here’s a look at why Durant won the 2014 MVP Award.

I’ve given Durant his props. Now let me say, I’m rooting for the Clippers to beat the Thunder in the play-offs. The Thunder is leading the series 2-1. Game 4 is this afternoon at Staples Center.

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