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New details about the murder of Ronni Chasen

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Photo of Publicist Ronni Chasen

Photo: -- Publicist Ronni Chasen

The murder of Hollywood publicist,  Ronni Chasen, is looking more and more like a professional hit. Two weeks ago today, Chasen was gunned down in her Mercedes on Whittier Drive, south of Sunset Boulevard, in Beverly Hills at around 12:30 a.m.  A short time earlier, Chasen had attended a Hollywood party celebrating a the movie premiere of the musical, “Burlesque.”

Several gunshots hit the 64-year-old press agent and according to The Wrap, a leaked coroner’s report says at least one of those was a hollow-point bullet. That type of bullet is designed to expand once inside the body- – causing more damage than a normal bullet. The coroner’s report was obtained  by local station KTTV Fox 11.

So far, no information on the murder investigation from the Beverly Hills Police. A check of its website today — shows a couple of recent press releases from the BHPD — but none deal with the Chasen case.

This brutal murder has shocked and frightened many in the entertainment industry. Hopefully, the BH Police investigators are running down some hot leads and are not allowing the trail of killer or killers to grow cold.

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