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New mayor, new vacancy on the Burbank City Council

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Mayor Emily Gabel Luddy, photo courtesy City of Burbank

Mayor Emily Gabel Luddy, photo courtesy City of Burbank

New mayor, new vacancy on the Burbank City Council. No surprise, Vice-Mayor-turned Mayor Pro Tem, Emily Gabel-Luddy, was “appointed” mayor for the next year by council colleagues, Jess Talamantes, Sharon Springer, and Bob Frutos at last Tuesday’s council reorganization meeting.

Council member Springer, who is serving her first term, was selected as vice-mayor. Again, no surprise. Council tends to reward members who don’t rock the boat or ask the really hard questions. Case in point, Dr. David Gordon.

These council members seem to take pride in how well they all get along. Hmm. The council is not a social club. As stated on the city website: “The City Council serves as the elected legislative and policy-making body of the City of Burbank, enacting all laws and directing any actions necessary to provide for the general welfare of the community through appropriate programs, services and activities.”  Heavy responsibilities.

In the wake of the recent passing of councilman, Will Rogers, the council members will get the opportunity to show how clearly they understand their responsibilities to the voters. Applications for the vacant council seat must be received by the City Clerk’s Office by noon today, May 7. On Thursday, May 10, there will be a special council meeting to interview the applicants/candidates. The selection of the new council member is set for next Monday, May 14.

A lot of buzz in town, about who should be selected for the fifth seat. The council has the task of selecting someone who will just “get along” with the rest of the members or someone who can help the council make some of the tough decisions facing the city in the upcoming months.

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