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Note from the Editor

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I did not endorse candidates in the 2017 Burbank Primary nor will I endorse candidates in the upcoming April 11 Burbank General Election. However, I will continue to cover the city elections and politics in general here on Media City Groove.

By the way, comments on this site have been closed for about a year and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.  If I decide to accept comments again, the same high standards used in the past will apply. Those who want to spew “alternative facts,” make vicious baseless personal attacks or try to create a toxic climate with harassment, bullying, hate speech, excessive profanity …etc. will still be rejected and not allowed to post on this site.

Media City Groove will never be a platform for those types of negative comments and the peddlers of that kind of cyber chatter.

Reasonable statements and letters to the editor by authors using their real names, and not pseudonyms, will still be considered.



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