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Script Sales and Deals: “Endgame,” “Slingshot,” and “Maggie’s Plan”

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A screenplay


“Endgame” — In a heated bidding war, Fox has come out the victor in a $2 million dollar deal for James Fey’s book. This is a  “Hunger Games” type YA novel about young teen warriors battling in a future world. You might remember Fey’s reputation took a beating after it came out that his best-selling memories, “A Million Little Pieces,” (published in 2003) had some alleged exaggerations. Well, that controversy has not hurt Fey’s ability to get a deal in Hollywood. He will reportedly write the screenplay adaptation for his novel. More here on the sale.

“Slingshot” — A newbie screenwriter scores a big one. Scott Adams has  sold his sci-fi thriller spec script to Benaroya Pictures. The script got Adams on the list of Nicholl Fellowship finalists 2013. It about an astronaut trapped on a damaged spaceship, headed to Mars, with a dangerous and unpredictable crew. Adams is represented by Above The Line Agency and Energy Entertainment.

“Maggie’s Plan” — Rebecca Miller, writer/actress/director has a romantic comedy that’s on the fast track. Miller wrote the screenplay about manners and the pitfalls and joys a young woman encounters as she tries to make it in New York. The film will be shot in the Big Apple with Miller directing. Yes, her father is the famous playwright, Henry Miller, and she’s married to actor Daniel Day-Lewis. More on the deal here.

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