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State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian campaigns for the upcoming special election

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The Burbank Democratic Club threw a backyard BBQ bash with great eats and brew in a neighborhood near the Rancho District, last night. I’m a member and I joined 50 or so other folks for a fun club meeting and social gathering. However, there was a serious message about the state’s budget woes presented by local Assemblyman Paul Krekorian (D) 43rd District.

Krekorian had the tough job of trying to rally support for the upcoming State Special Election for six controversial initiatives. In these difficult times, even Democrats aren’t in the mood for more taxes or eager to hear about budget cuts and multi-billion dollar deficits. Krekorian, to his credit, did not shy away from the grim task.

Krekorian, passionate at times and apologetic at others, admitted the initiatives were a bitter pill saying”I don’t love raising people’s taxes … this isn’t the way government should be run.” Still, the man who called himself a grassroots democrat declared the initiatives are the necessary support pillars to the  recent hard fought compromise state budget. He urged a “yes” vote on all six including Proposition 1F, which prohibits pay raises for state legislators in years when there is a state deficit.

Like many frustrated residents, the state lawmakers pay restriction initiative is the one I’m sure will get my approval, the others I’m still debating. The five other initiatives are somewhat confusing, but here’s how the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/ County Clerk’s website summarized them up:

1A — “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund.

1B — Education Funding. Payment Plan.

1C — Lottery Modernization Act.

1D — Children’s Services Funding.

1E — Mental Health Funding. Temporary Reallocation.

 More detailed information about these initiatives is on the California Statewide Special Election voter guide section of the Secretary of State’s web page. Also, voters will be getting information on the election and the initiatives in the mail soon. The election is May 19, 2009.

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