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Two suspects arrested in Burbank gang-related shooting

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Two suspects arrested last Friday are set to appear in court this week in connection with a Burbank gang-related shooting. The suspects are identified as Erik Manooki,  a 19 year-old alleged gang member from Sunland, and 22 year-old Candice Richardson of Burbank.”It is believed Manooki is the shooter in this case and Richardson instigated the crime as retribution related to a prior gang related incident,” according to Burbank Police Sergeant Claudio Losacco.

The shooting occurred last Thursday at around 6 p.m., at Lundigan Park, 2701 Thornton Avenue. A 21 year-old Burbank man was shot once in the lower body.  The unidentified victim underwent surgery at a local hospital where he reportedly is listed in good condition. Sgt. Losacco says “a suspect was seen  running from a scene.” He jumped into a Lexus with several other people inside.

Investigators traced the vehicle to Manooki and he and Richardson were arrested at her home on South Keystone Street in Burbank Friday. During a search, Losacco says a “revolver was located in the Lexus with empty casings still inside the cylinder.  It is believed the gun located in the car is the weapon used in the shooting at Lundigan Park.”

Manooki and Richardson were both booked for attempt murder with the special allegation that the crime was gang-related. Manooki is being held on $2,066,000 bail and Richardson’s bail is $2,040,571. The high bail is the result of outstanding warrants against the suspects. They are due in court Tuesday, February 9.

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3 Responses to Two suspects arrested in Burbank gang-related shooting

  1. DixieFlyer Monday, February 8, 2016 at 5:45 pm #

    BTW, whatever has happened to the Police Report and the “incriminating” video down on

    Magnolia Blvd?

    Did the owner (?) or managing partner of Romancing the Bean really report the “crime”

    FIVE days after the alleged “dump”?

    Even though Officers have been FIRED for telling a LIE, we are being told that to LIE is an

    “investigative technique” under the new regime ???

  2. Fronnie Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 4:35 pm #


    All good questions. I’ve heard quite a bit about the alleged Romancing the Bean tape — off the record Also,I have heard the victim/accused merchant is taking legal action. City officials need to take notice and work on settling the matter, before it becomes another legal “mess” like the police/scandal/mess, which still hangs over the Burbank PD and the city.

  3. DixieFlyer Monday, February 15, 2016 at 4:29 pm #

    Police Commission Meeting on Wednesday Night.

    Maybe, just maybe some Commissioners will ASK questions.

    Maybe we’ll get some straight answers?

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