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Walmart moves ahead with a superstore in Burbank

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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- The Great Indoors site 1301 North Victory Place Burbank February 10, 2015

Photo: FLLewis / Media City G — The Great Indoors site 1301 North Victory Place Burbank February 10, 2015

Retail giant, Walmart, is busy converting the old Great Indoors site, at 1301 North Victory Place, into one of its stores. That’s exciting news for some and a reason to go into mourning for others. “The litigation has concluded with respect to Walmart’s permits and we are moving forward with bringing a Walmart Supercenter to our Burbank customers.” Delia Garcia, director of communications for Walmart, said in a statement. The controversial project has been delayed for close to three years by a court battle, which apparently ended quietly a few weeks ago.

Back in the spring of 2012, a lawsuit to block the proposed Burbank Walmart was filed by Burbank residents Shanna Ingalsbee, Katherine Olson, and Yvette Ziraldo. Their major objection; certain traffic mitigation measures in the area were never completed by the city. Then in 2013, a Los Angles County judge ordered the city to rescind Walmart’s building permits because the traffic mitigation measures were never done. Another twist in April of this year, a Second District Court of Appeal ruled the traffic issues were out of Walmart’s control and should not hold up their building permits. A couple of months ago, the lower court reversed itself and reaffirmed the ruling of the appeals court.

“Demolition of the interior has started and we expect to begin interior construction in late 2015 with grand opening projected for late summer 2016. The Burbank Walmart will be approximately 143,000 square feet and will employ about 250 associates. The store will offer our Burbank customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for affordable groceries and a broad assortment of general merchandise closer to where they live and work. We will paint the exterior to represent Walmart’s branding and there will be Walmart branded signage on the exterior of the building as well. ” according to Garcia.

Burbank spokesman, Drew Sugars, says Walmart is adhering to city regulations: “Walmart’s original permits are valid. They are being modified to comply with the updated 2013 code. Any modifications to the original plans will be approved by a City building official. Walmart is making a few minor adjustments to its plans to address any revisions to the building code (i.e. revised energy code requirements); demolition is allowed during this process.”

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