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Burbank City Council begins new year with more controversy

Photo:Councilman Dave Golonski from Burbank City website. I was at last Tuesday’s Burbank City Council meeting and it was truly a disappointment. A couple of actions by  the council are still bugging me. Yeah, there’s some other stuff that I thought was kind of whacked as well, but two decisions at the January 5 meeting stick out the most and are of great concern. I can’t help wondered about the ramifications of those decisions. First, Councilman Dave Golonski’s attack on two members of the  Burbank Civil Service Board is really disturbing. Golonski... Read More →

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The Burbank City Council, Police Commission, and the case against petty squabbles

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank City Hall at East Olive Avenue and North Third Street. Last Tuesday night’s Burbank City Council meeting was like a marathon, it went on and on, but for a good reason. The city council had a busy agenda filled with issues and concerns on December 8 and that packed the chamber at city hall.  The controversy over declawing domestic cats brought out the largest crowd and got the city council bombarded with over 100 e-mails. During a public hearing on a proposed city ban on the... Read More →

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Time for serious change in Burbank

  Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank City Councilman David Gordon and Vice-Mayor/Council Member Anja Reinke at the Tuesday November 3, 2009, council meeting. Reverberations from last Tuesday’s Burbank City Council meeting are still shaking the town and probably will continue to do so for some time. That should really come as no surprise to anyone who was there or watched it on TV. It was an explosive event with huge ramifications. Things really got cooking when Councilman David Gordon declared publicly what many in this city have been talking about... Read More →

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Do Burbank City Council Members read e-mails and letters from the public?

          Photos: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Mayor/Councilman Gary Bric & Vice-Mayor/Council Member Anja Reinke Last Tuesday’s Burbank city council meeting provided a lot of reasons for folks to get riled up.  At the top of the list, the city council’s 3-1 approval of that hotly-debated new film permit ordinance. Gary Bric, Anja Reinke, and Jess Talamantes voted for it. Dr. David Gordon was the lone naysayer. Dave Golonski was absent from the council meeting. A lot of chatter on the blogs about the vote and the film permit ordinance. I still... Read More →

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Councilman criticizes Burbank Leader story

                     Photo: Burbank City Councilman Dave Golonski from Burbank city website   Burbank City Councilman Dave Golonski is not happy with the way the Burbank Leader newspaper reported on that statement read by Mayor Gary Bric at last Tuesday’s city council meeting. The much-talked-about and reported-on statement is the first official public reaction from the entire city council to a slew of police lawsuits and a number of investigations going on in Burbank. The complete statement is posted on this blog. Today I was over on the Leader website... Read More →

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Burbank City Council speaks out on those lawsuits and investigations

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Mayor Gary Bric read a statement at last night’s council meeting. Finally, after weeks and months of mostly silence or as some folks have described it stonewalling, the Burbank City Council spoke out last night about the controversial and very messy situation surrounding the police department. Back on May 13, I wrote a post about the alleged problems in the BPD and called on the city council to not… ” wait until it all explodes into a full blown controversy, but step forward now and explain the situation to residents.” Mayor Gary Bric and city... Read More →

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Water a hot issue at the Burbank City Council meeting

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank  We’re deep in the heat of a Southern California summer with temperatures  reaching over 100 degrees on many days. So what does the Burbank City Council do?  Last Tuesday, they voted to slap stiffer restrictions on water use. Hopefully, the council will reconsider this decision when the issue comes back for a final review.  At this week’s city council meeting, Dr. David Gordon was the only council member to speak out strongly about the timing of the new restrictions and the impact on the public. Dr. Gordon voted “no.”  However, the rest of the city... Read More →

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