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Mayor Emily Gabel Luddy, photo courtesy City of Burbank

New mayor, new vacancy on the Burbank City Council

New mayor, new vacancy on the Burbank City Council. No surprise, Vice-Mayor-turned Mayor Pro Tem, Emily Gabel-Luddy, was “appointed” mayor for the next year by council colleagues, Jess Talamantes, Sharon Springer, and Bob Frutos at last Tuesday’s council reorganization meeting. Council member Springer, who is serving her first term, was selected as vice-mayor. Again, no surprise. Council tends to reward members who don’t rock the boat or ask the really hard questions. Case in point, Dr. David Gordon. These council members seem to take pride in how well they... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy spoke about her agenda for the coming year at the reorganization council meeting at City Hall May 1, 2013

Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy aiming for a higher position?

Emily Gabel-Luddy is heading into the final months of her position as Burbank Mayor. In the spring, a new mayor will be selected from among the Burbank city council members. So does Mayor Gabel-Luddy have other political aspirations? She may have hinted at this in a recent interview in The Tolucan Times. In the interview,  the mayor was asked this question? Do you have aspirations after serving as Mayor of Burbank? Here’s what the mayor is quoted as saying. “I think Congress needs a lot of help right... Read More →

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Photo:AMurray/Bagcy--  Burbank Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, State Assemblyman Mike Gatto, Tuskegee Airman (retired) Lt. Colonel Robert J. Friend Veterans Day Burbank November 11, 2013

Photo Flashback: Honoring a veteran on Veterans Day

A Veterans Day ceremony was held at the McCambridge Park War Memorial at the corner of Amherst Drive and San Fernando Road in Burbank on November 11, 2013. Tuskegee Airman (retired) Lt. Colonel Robert “Bob”  J. Friend, 93, was the guest speaker. Among the acknowledgments, Friend received a certificate of recognition from the California Assembly. Friend was one of the first African-American pilots to serve in the U.S. military.  He trained at Tuskegee, Alabama. He was assigned to the 332nd Fighter Group and was stationed in Europe during World War... Read More →

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