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Missouri, McCain, and President-elect Obama

Three weeks ago today, Illinois Senator Barack Obama won the November 4 presidential election; he gave a gracious victory speech and his challenger, Arizona Senator John McCain, delivered an eloquent concession. However, the presidential election of 2008 did not wrap up until a few days ago when Missouri, the last state to complete counting presidential votes, announced its results.   Missouri’s ballot count did not change the outcome, but it was a record breaker. Barack Obama’s winds of change blew across the nation, but apparently missed a  chunk of red states in the middle of the country, in particular,... Read More →

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Joe the Plumber becomes Joe the Author

  Joe the Plumber is really stretching his 15 minutes of fame. He’s that Ohio plumber who had a chat with then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail, early last month. Joe, whose real name is Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, came away from that encounter criticizing Obama’s tax plan. Republican Presidential candidate John McCain leaped on this and outed Joe and his experience with Obama during the third presidential debate. It put Joe in the spotlight and despite his complaints about the media attention, he has been clinging to the fringes of... Read More →

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Obama gets help from Californians in the battle for Nevada

Over the weekend, Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns blitzed Nevada fighting for those undecided voters. Many of the political analysts have slotted Nevada in the column of swing states– those still up for grabs in this heated presidential race. For weeks now the Obama camp has been targeting Nevada. Some of the recent Obama e-mails I have received included urgent requests for California supporters to volunteer to go to Nevada to help get out the vote. No one is saying how many Obama folks from the Golden State have made the dash to... Read More →

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Obama winning presidential cookie poll

  Illinois Senator Barack Obama is not only the front runner in the major political polls, but he’s also          outselling his opponent, Arizona Senator John McCain, in a local presidential cookie poll. Super popular Porto’s Bakery & Cafe At Magnolia Boulevard and Hollywood Way in Burbank has been offering John McCain and Barack Obama cookies for several weeks. I dropped by the Cuban-style bakery on Thursday, October 23 and discovered the presidential cookie poll was well underway. Friendly counter staff members “Robert” and “Jasmine ” told me they were delighted with the... Read More →

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The final Obama/McCain showdown packs a punch

The formal greetings were barely over at the third presidential debate, before Republican candidate Senator John McCain went on the attack, throwing verbal punches, jabs, and a few low blows at his front-running opponent, Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama. The final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York had the most drama and the most clashes between the candidates. McCain was aggressive, sarcastic, and determined. Again, Obama remained calm, focused, and articulate to the finish. Moderator Bob Schieffer asked questions about domestic issues and made a serious effort to keep the candidates on topic.... Read More →

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Obama heads into the final debate as the front runner

  Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama has a sizable lead in two major polls over his Republican challenger Senator John McCain. The Obama camp is probably cheering that good news, but it would be unwise for them to throttle back on their efforts. Clearly Senator McCain is the underdog, but I’ve seen too many come from behind victories to count him out. Nevertheless, the poll numbers are impressive. In the latest Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, Obama has increased his lead over McCain, 50 percent to 41 percent, among voters likely to cast... Read More →

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Did McCain make a gaffe in 2nd debate?

Google image It is no secret that Republican presidential Senator John McCain needed to make a strong showing at last Tuesday’s debate in Nashville. During the town-hall style gathering, McCain worked hard to get his views across and to try to cast doubt on Senator Barack Obama’s ability to lead. In pursuit of those goals, did McCain trip himself up? Yesterday, a reader left a comment on my post, “Who won the 2nd debate?” suggesting McCain did indeed make a blunder. The reader points to McCain’s response to a question from moderator Tom... Read More →

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Who won the 2nd presidential debate?

Did Republican nominee Senator John McCain score a game changing win at the town-hall style debate in Nashville last night?  Or did Democratic hopeful Senator Barack Obama out shine McCain again in the second debate as many felt he did in the first?  For the next few days these questions will be debated in the media and among voters. I expected McCain to do better in Nashville, because he considers the town-hall meeting his strength. This time, McCain’s responses and attacks did not have the nasty bite or condescending tone of the first... Read More →

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Political bytes

Round two: Presidential debate in Nashville on October 7 Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are preparing to go at it again in a different presidential debate format this Tuesday. Obama and McCain will be required to answer questions from voters in a town hall  setting at Belmont University. The moderator will be NBC’s Tom Brokaw. The first Obama and McCain debate drew about 52.4 million viewers.The September 26 debate occurred as congress was beginning to wrangle with the mega-financial bailout. First the Senate and then on Friday, October 3, the House passed the... Read More →

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How many watched the first Obama & McCain debate?

Google image Millions of people tuned in to watch last Friday’s presidential debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. How many? The debate at the University of Mississippi drew 54.4 million viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings. That’s about 16 percent less than the first debate between President George Bush and Senator John Kerry in 2004. Still, the most watched presidential debate remains the 1980 face-off between President Jimmy Carter and Republican contender/California Governor Ronald Reagan. That showdown pulled in 80.6 million viewers. Tomorrow, the vice-presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden and Alaska... Read More →

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Who won the first presidential debate: Obama or McCain?

Presidential candidates and Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are back on the campaign trail today after verbally duking it out at the University of Mississippi last Friday. When the 90 minute debate was over, both candidates were still standing and neither had suffered any major bruising  or gaffes. Many observers were disappointed by this. I was not. Over the weekend, another debate followed. Who won?  A new national  Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll taken right after the debate and through Sunday, showed Obama beating McCain ,49 percent to 44 percent, among 448 registered voters. According to a... Read More →

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“We’re in the midst of a serious financial crisis”

  In Washington today lawmakers are scrambling to come up with a solution to the nation’s financial mess. Last night, President Bush gave a nationwide speech and confirmed what the experts and his advisors have been saying all week –the economy is in deep, deep trouble.  Right at the beginning, the president admitted “… we’re in the midst of a serious financial crisis.” He explained the problem with our major financial markets and then pointed to his administration’s $700 billion bailout as the solution. He issued a warning that “…not passing a... Read More →

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Barbra Streisand makes a case against McCain

  Google file photo Last Tuesday, superstar and activist Barbra Streisand performed at a special concert in Beverly Hills to help raise millions for the Barack Obama for President campaign. In case anyone had any doubts about where the singer stands in the 2008 presidential race, Streisand is speaking out publicly against Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain. The strongly worded piece is called, “The Country Can’t Afford to Elect John McCain.”  It appears on Streisand’s website and as a blog on The Huffington Post.  Streisand views McCain as part of the... Read More →

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John McCain fires up the Republicans

Google Image GOP presidential candidate Senator John McCain gave a powerful and patriotic acceptance speech last night at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Unlike his V.P. choice Sarah Palin, McCain’s speech was not riddled with sarcasm and mean-spirited attacks on the Democrats.   In fact, Senator McCain gave a nod of respect to the Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama for his achievements and then stated”… We’re going to win this election.” McCain went on to present his policies and ideas to create real change in America. As he... Read More →

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John McCain’s surprise choice

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain made a bold move that demonstrated the changing times. Today, Senator McCain announced the selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential pick. At a rally in Dayton, Ohio, McCain introduced Palin, a relatively unknown politician, as the running mate who will “… help me shake up Washington.”   Before becoming governor of Alaska in 2006, Palin served as a mayor and council member of a small town in that state. She is 44, married, the mother of five children... Read More →

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Political drama from Denver to Beverly Hills

Thousands of Democrats are in Denver today for the opening of their four day convention at the downtown Pepsi Center. Closer to home, another political drama is set to play out in Beverly Hills this evening.  The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Senator John McCain and his wife Cindy will be special guests at a star-studded fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard.  According to  The Washington Times and Variety, show biz conservatives like Angie Harmon, David Zucker, Jon Cryer, Craig T. Nelson, Jon Voight, and Robert Duvall are among those planning to... Read More →

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Obama & McCain together in the Southland this weekend

                                                    Days before the Democratic and Republican Conventions kick-off, the presumed presidential candidate for each party is headed to Southern California. Senators Barack Obama and John McCain will make their first joint appearance of the 2008 campaign at the Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, located about 50 miles south of Burbank in Orange County. The moderator for the event and friend of both candidates is pastor, philanthropist, and author, Dr. Rick Warren. His book, “The Purpose Driven Life” has sold 30 million copies. The follow-up “The Purpose Driven Church”... Read More →

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