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Photo courtesy NASA -- A Shuttle carrier aircraft with Endeavour mounted on top took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida today September 19, 2012

Endeavour headed to Southland

After several weather delays, Endeavour is finally headed to the Southland. A shuttle carrier aircraft, a modified 747, took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida with Endeavour secured to its top. The SCA landed at Ellington Field in Houston this morning and will remain there overnight. Endeavour will be on display there until 9 p.m. this evening. Tomorrow at dawn, Endeavour is expected to continue it’s piggyback ride across the country. Endeavour is scheduled to land at LAX sometime before noon this Friday. In October, Endeavour will be moved... Read More →

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Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA -- Atlantis touched down at the Kennedy Space Center before dawn this morning ending the U.S. Shuttle program Florida July 21, 2011

Photo Gallery: Atlantis lands — end of an era

 After 30 years, the U.S. space shuttle program is history.  Atlantis swooped out of a dark sky and glided to a safe landing this morning  at 5;57 a.m. EDT at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Atlantis spent 13-days in space before returning to Earth.  The commander of the last space shuttle flight, Chris Ferguson: “Although we got to take the ride,” said Commander Ferguson on behalf of his crew, ” we sure hope that everybody who has ever worked on, or touched, or looked at, or envied or admired a space shuttle was... Read More →

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Photo: NASA -- Space shuttle Atlantis blasted off into space from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida July 8, 2011

Photo Gallery: Final space shuttle launch a success

Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 11:29 a.m. EDT this morning. This is the final flight of the U.S. shuttle program. On board for the 12-day mission to the International Space Station,  Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialists Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim. More on this NASA website.

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Photo: NASA -- Endeavour attached to a rocket blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida May 16, 2011

Photo Gallery: Endeavour launched into space on final journey

Endeavour lifted off from the launch pad at Kennedy Space  Center and into the clouds this morning. Later, Endeavour detached from the rocket and shot out into space. The shuttle crew is scheduled for a 16-day mission, which includes time on the International Space Station. Endeavour is due to return to Earth from its final space voyage in the wee hours of June 1. Then Endeavour will be heading to the Southland to become part of an exhibit at the California Science Center in L.A.

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Photo: NASA/Kim Shiflett -- The crew of the space shuttle Endeavour arrived at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to being launch preparations today May 12, 2011

Photo Gallery: Endeavour ready for launch again

Efforts are underway at Kennedy Space Center in Florida to launch the shuttle  Endeavour for the second time in less than a month.  Endeavour was set to liftoff on its final journey into space with a lot of fanfare and hoopla April 29, but the mission was scrubbed due to a technical glitch. The heaters of one of the shuttle’s generators failed. The malfunction has been fixed, and Endeavour is ready to fly. The flight crew arrived at Kennedy Space Center today to begin the preps for launch. They are Commander Mark Kelly, Mission Specialist... Read More →

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Photo: NASA TV -- Endeavour crew led by Commander Mark Kelly arrived at Kennedy Space Center in Florida today to begin prelaunch preparations April 26, 2011

Getting ready for Endeavour’s final space launch

The crew of space shuttle Endeavour’s final mission arrived at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida today. Commander Mark Kelly and five other astronauts will be apart of the 14-day mission to the International Space Station. The other crew members are: Mission specialists Greg Chamitoff, Andrew Feustel, Mike Fincke, pilot Greg H. Johnson, and European Space Agency astronaut, Roberto Vittori. At the Kennedy Space Center, Kelly introduced his crew to the media and made some brief comments: “We’re really happy to be here today,” said Kelly. “We got a chance to take look at the orbiter... Read More →

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Lift-off for space shuttle Atlantis!

Photo: NASA Television The space shuttle Atlantis roared off the launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida today at 2:01 p.m. EDT. On board Atlantis, a crew of seven astronauts gearing up to service NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. During the 11-day mission and five spacewalks, the astronauts will install two new instruments, repair two others that are inactive, and do the kind of maintenance work which will keep the giant telescope functioning to at least 2014. This is the final shuttle mission to service, repair, and upgrade Hubble. On April... Read More →

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