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Jean Youn: Fourth of July, fireworks, and General Douglas MacArthur

This year, Independence Day falls on Wednesday. It is in the middle of the week. Do you have any special plans for the Fourth of July? By the way, what comes first to your mind about Independence Day? For me, it is the fireworks. Though each firework show looks similar at a glance, we realize quickly that each draws a different picture. Fireworks can be displayed splendidly only in the night sky. The night sky is dark and pitch-black. But without the dark and pitch-black background,... Read More →

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Jean Youn: The feel of summer

By chance, have you ever dipped your feet in a small creek in the mountains? Korea, where I grew up, has a lot of small mountains all over its land. During hot summer days, people frequently go up to the mountains and counter the heat by dipping their feet in the creeks. Not just the clear and cold water of the creek, but also the sound of stream makes them forget the sweltering heat. By the way, a stream makes a more pleasant and fresh sound if it flows in... Read More →

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Jean Youn: Mountains, echoes, and the holiday spirit

Have you ever been to the top of any mountains? Korea is a very small country in land area, but it has many mountains. About 70% of the land is covered with mountains. Most of them are not very high though. Anyone could climb to the top of them. When you’re at the top of these mountains, if you yell something, you would be able to hear echoes. Whatever you say, the mountains will echo back to you. If you yell, “I’m tired and beat!” they will echo back “I’m... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn’s Tips and Insight: Giving thanks

 Tomorrow is a big holiday in Korea. It is called Chu-Seok , and it is the Korean equivalent of America’s Thanksgiving. In Korea, it is a five day long celebration. During Chu-Seok, the first harvests of grains and fruits are prepared and it is day where Koreans give thanks to their ancestors. The seasons in Korea are similar to how it is in the Northeastern United States. So in terms of the weather and seasons, it’s a little hard to prepare the first harvests. Why do they do it so early?... Read More →

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