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Drama at the O.J. Simpson Vegas trial

  It’s day two in the O.J. Simpson Vegas kidnapping and robbery trial. Simpson and co-defendant Clarence  “C.J.” Stewart are facing a series of charges; the result of an alleged raid on two sports memorabilia dealers in a Vegas hotel room a year ago. Yesterday, attorneys for both sides presented opening statements and then prosecution witness Bruce Fromong took the stand. Fromong is one of the memorabilia dealers. After some hard hitting questioning Fromong, who has a history of heart attacks, became ill. The judge dismissed him for the day. Tuesday ended with... Read More →

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O.J. Simpson’s Vegas trial begins today

Google Image O.J. Simpson’s Las Vegas trial got underway with opening statements today. The trial kicked off a day after the one year anniversary of the alleged raid at a Sin City hotel that sparked the criminal charges.  Simpson and co-defendant Clarence ” C.J.” Stewart are charged with a dozen offenses including robbery and kidnapping. Last week, 9 women and 3 men were selected from a jury pool of 500 to serve on this jury. There are six alternate jurors, among them two African Americans.

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O.J. Simpson’s Vegas trial set for Monday

Google Image O.J. Simpson is headed back to trial again. After four days of jury section and several hundred prospective jurors, a panel was seated late yesterday for Simpson’s Las Vegas trial. Nine women and three men were selected to hear the case, which is scheduled to go to trial on Monday. Simpson is being tried with co-defendant Clarence “C.J.” Stewart. Both face a series of charges including robbery and kidnapping. If found guilty, they could get life in prison. The charges are the result of an alleged raid on two sports memorabilia dealers at... Read More →

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Jury selection for O.J. Simpson’s Vegas trial

Las Vegas police mugshot Jury selection continues today in preparation for another  O.J. Simpson trial. This time, the city is Las Vegas and the case involves robbery, kidnapping, and assault.   Yesterday, a lengthy questionnaire weeded out more than half of the 500 potential jurors. Also, Judge Jackie Glass rejected a defense motion to ask the prospective jurors if they thought Simpson was a murderer. The judge told the prospective jurors to focus on this case not what happened in Los Angeles. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson... Read More →

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